Our Story



Foods raised without GMOs and antibiotics are nutrient-dense and provide the greatest source of direct energy.


Our entire family's involvement in our passion makes our products the best that they can be.


The loving and humane treatment of our animals makes them taste better and provide a wealth of essential nutrients.

Our Story

Our family has deep roots in serving the Inland Northwest. Owned and operated by the Hanley family, every evolution of our business over the years has weaved together our values of providing quality service and persistence to get the job done right.

Arch Hanley spent his youth working on his family’s farm, tending to the garden and helping to raise the animals. In 1935, at the age of 18, he ventured off to TV repair school. He started ACME Electric in Spokane, Washington in 1945 as a radio and appliance repair store.

ACME Electric flourished, and Arch’s grandson, Jason Hanley, is carrying on that legacy. In the fourth generation of the ACME sales team, he opened ACME Integration in 2001 to bring home entertainment and security to homes throughout the Inland Northwest, with offices in North Idaho and Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Hanley family’s heritage of hobby farming has persisted, driving our passion for serving humanely raised food to families across North Idaho.

What our customers are saying

We always try to source our food from small local farms where we can trust that the food is made the old fashioned way.
Acme Acres fit this bill perfectly and we took a leap of faith and ordered an entire cow, including a freezer.  Acme Acres worked with us and delivered a brand new high-quality freezer before the beef so we could use it for hunting season.
The beef arrived within the estimated delivery time frame and was of excellent quality.  This was no bland corn-fed supermarket beef. Acme Acres grass fed beef is full of flavor and tastes like nature intended beef to taste.  The steaks were tender and lean, the hamburger was juicy but not fatty, and the stew meat was full of flavor. If you are looking for a local, family owned and operated source for naturally raised beef, look no further than Acme Acres.

~ Julie H.

We discovered our local Acme Acres and have been so pleased with Jason and his products. The service has been excellent and he has gone the extra mile to make it possible to access and enjoy his eggs, meat and poultry. It’s been the best!

~ Christine Harrington

What a great experience we had! We bought the freezer full of meat and we are super happy we did. Very high quality of meat and a good quality freeze. Everything has been delicious! All delivered right to our house. Really great people and we love to support local businesses. We will definitely buy from them again.

~ Kinsey Boyle

We bought 1/2 a beef and Jason delivered it to our house in Post Falls, no extra charge, with all the cuts we wanted, packaged and ready. This beef is so delicious! This is our first time buying beef this way and I will never buy beef from the grocery store again! They really know what they're doing!! We also get eggs from them, which are perfect! Great job Acme Acres!!!

~ Michelle Kelley

The Acme Acres team has gone above and beyond in delivering quality grass-fed organic beef. They arrived at our home on time with a high quality lockable standing freezer that was set up and stocked by them. The meat is by far the highest quality and most delicious stock our family has ever had. The communication and pricing was fair and friendly. We truly enjoyed our entire experience with Acme Acres and cannot wait to purchase for quality food from them in the near future.

~ Lauren Elizabeth

The steaks were great. Great flavor. Can't wait to try all the rest.

~ Roxy F.